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Massage Gun

Massage Gun

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• Wireless Design :The Mini Fascia Gun boasts a wireless design, allowing for easy and convenient use anytime, anywhere. It's perfect for those seeking relaxation on the go.

• Massage & Relaxation :Designed specifically for massage and relaxation, this device helps to alleviate muscle tension and promote overall wellness.

• Neck Membrane Massage :Unique in its ability to massage the neck membrane, this tool provides targeted relief for tense cervical spine muscles.

• Compact Size :Its compact size makes it easy to store and travel with, making it an ideal addition to any home or travel wellness kit.

• Chinese Origin :Originating from Mainland China, this product benefits from high-quality craftsmanship and reliable performance.


Careful research and development, so that the fascia gun is no longer bulky, lightweight body is only the size of a cell phone, small girls can also be operated with one hand.

Upgrade the battery safer and more energy efficient charging faster daily massage 10min in one gear, can be used for about 30 days.

24w high-power brushless motor can reach 3200 speed, remove the lactic acid accumulated after the exercise roll away the body brought about by fatigue; coupled with dual-bearing shaft operation, the body transmission power more stable so that the fascia gun no longer vibrate hands make kinetic energy and silent effect more perfect


Product size: 130*133*50mm

Rated power: 60W-80W Voltage: 7.4V

Charging voltage: 5V Motor rpm: 1800-3200

Charging time: about 2.5-3 hours Battery capacity: 1800

Package included:

Tendon gun*1

Massage head: cylindrical head X1, flat head X1, spherical head X1, U-shaped head X1

Instructions for use:

1. Shoulder muscle groups, chest muscle groups are recommended to use 20 seconds each time, 3 times a group;

2. Abdominal muscle groups, arm muscle groups use 30 seconds each time, 3 times a group;

3. Leg muscle groups, gluteal muscle groups use 60 seconds each time, 3 times a group.


1.Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

2.Please allow 2-3mm differences due to manual measurement.

3.When using the fascia gun for the first time, you should start from a low gear, according to the body's ability to withstand, step by step, slowly increase the gear.

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