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Lenovo Original TWS Wireless Bluetooth With Microphone

Lenovo Original TWS Wireless Bluetooth With Microphone

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Brand Name: Lenovo

Wireless Type: bluetooth

Maximum wireless range[m]: 10m-20m

Function: for Video Game

Function: For Mobile Phone

Function: Sport

Choice: yes


• Active Noise-Cancellation :Block out unwanted noise and immerse yourself in your music with the active noise-cancellation feature.

• Bluetooth 5.1 :Enjoy faster and more stable connections with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology.

• Wireless True Wireless :Say goodbye to tangled wires and enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity with the true wireless feature.

• Volume Control :Adjust the volume of your music or calls with ease using the built-in volume control feature.

Product Speoifications

Bluetooth Version: V5.1

Effective distance:≥10m


Horn power:10mw*2

Impedance: 32 Ω

Microphone sensitivity: -40dB 土3dB

Snr: ≥95db


Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Duration:about 4 hours

Earphone battery capacity:30mAh

Battery capacity of charging chamber:300mAh

(All technical data is subject to actual performance)



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Product operation instructions

1. Power on

Method 1: remove the left and right earphones, from the charcing bin and turn on the earphones.

Method 2: when the earphone is off (outside the charging bin), touch the left and right earphone multi-function touch button for about 3 seconds, and the earphone s on.

2.Power off

Method 1: put the left and right earphones in the charging bin directly and turn off the earphones.

Method 2: the left and right earphone multi-furction keys in the power on state touch the key for about5 seconds, and the earphone is turned off.

Note, when the headset is turned on, it will automatically turn off if it is not paired with the corresponding Buetooth davice for 5 minutes;

Beyond the effective connection distance of the signal, it is not connected with the corresponding Bluetooth device. After 5 minutes,the headset will automatically turn off.

3. TWS pairing

a. When there is no pairing record between the left and right earphones, the left and right earphones will be paired automaticaily

after they are turned on.

b. When the left and right earphones have matching records, they will be automatically connected back when they are turned on.

4. Automatic switch batween left and right ears

a .In the process of using the headset, put the left (right) ear into the charging bex to charge, and it will automatically switch to the right(left) ear to play (and continue to maintain the music state before switching).

b. In the process of using the earphone, put the left (right) into the charging box for charging, which will not affect the normal operalion of the right (left) ear

c. After TWS connection, when any one ear is in use,take out another headset to automatically connect TWS, and the left and right ears continue to work.

d. Turn on the left or right ear separately to connect the mobile phone back.

5. Pairing with Bluetooth devices

Open the Buetooth setting option of the Bluetooh device to be paired,enter the option, find the Bluetooth pairing name of the headeet Lenovo ThinkPlus xt92",and click the pairing name to pair.

6. Play music

Last song: louch the loft ear headset multi-function touch key three times in a row

Next song: touch the right ear earphone inutti-function touch key threc times in a row

Volume increase: long press the left ear touch hit for 1.5 seconds to increase the volume by one level

Volume reduction: long press the right ear touch bit for 1.5 seconds to reduce the volume by one level

Pause / play: short touch any heacset multifunction touch key once

7. Hands free telephone (paired operation of two earphones)

When calling,answer: short touch any headset multi-function touch key once

When calling, refuse to answer: touch any headset muiti-function touch key for one second End the cali and hang up: when the call is on, short touch any headset multifunction touch key cnce

8. Hands free (single headset operation).

When calling, answer: short touch the headset mutifunction fouch key once

When calling, refuse to answer: long touch the headset multi-function touch button for one second

End Drink up: short touch the headset multi-function touch key once

Product precautions

(1) Do not try to disassemble or replace the product except for the operation methods that are specially marked in the manual Any parts inside.

(2) This product contains a built-in rechargeable battery. It is forbidden to hit, squeeze, puncture, or short-circuit the battery.

If the current temperature is too high, deformation, swelling, liquid leakage and other abnormal phenomena, please stop using it and do not place the battery in the In high-temperature and high-pressure environments such as open flames, sun exposure, heaters, stoves, etc., the battery should not be immersed in water. Stop use.After using the headset, do not place the headset in damp, dust, oily smoke, steam, In high temperature and high pressure environments such as direct light, so as not to cause damage to the headset and battery. The battery can be charged and discharged for a limited number of times, and it will eventually age. When the battery is used abnormally, you can replace the battery with a new one. However, do not replace the battery by yourself. If the battery is incorrectly replaced, there is a danger of explosion.

(3) After the product is scrapped, do not throw the product into the fire, and the waste treatment should be strictly in accordance with the garbage classification To process. Please use this product reasonably and correctly, so as not to cause certain harm and environmental damage.

(4) During the use of the headset, due to long distances, obstacles in the middle, or other wireless In the case of a series of interference such as electrical signal, Bluetooth signal, WIFI signal, etc., when the earphone is in use, listening to music, watching video, playing games,etc., there will be occasional freezes, unsynchronized voice or disconnection, such as In this case, please reconnect the headset or stay away from the interference.

(5) When charging the charger, please use a charging device with an output voltage of DC 5V/1A. You must choose charging equipment that has been certified by a regular manufacturer with CCC safety certification, and do not use fast charging Electrical appliances, so as not to cause too much battery load, and cause battery damage.

The continuous charging time should not exceed the specifled charging time, and do not use it during charging to avoid damage.

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